Stuff for the sims 2

By Lidiqnata

re-uploaded 2022

Stuff for the sims 2

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It's been a while...
Hi, let me introduce my simself - Lidiqnata, Lidi or simply L.

Being a CC creator for the sims 2 games for many years left a huge impact on the community.

Since I have retired - most of my stuff has been lost or became unavailable due to variety of reasons. Although I am no longer active - I do not wish my creations to disappear forever.
So, after a well thought plan, the idea to make a new website and re-upload everything is ON.

I'll do my best to keep it up, but If want to support this process - it'll be truly appreciated.

Super thanks to the patrons - Samantha E Scannell and LadyAquanine!

01 July

Patreon update

This month's themed content is Victorian. Don't miss out the Addams family mansion and custom meshes by me!

addams family mansion patreon tier by lidiqnata for sims 2

28 June

Horse posebox

horse posebox by lidiqnata for sims 2

26 June

Regency dresses for adults

regency af cream flower dress by lidiqnata for sims 2

24 June

Butterfly Hairset

Amelia hair mesh set by lidiqnata for sims 2

Meanwhile the Old files section has been updated little by little. Check it out!.

22 June

CF Meshes

cf mesh update by Lidiqmnata for the sims 2

Only two weeks remain to vote for the next - monthly theme. Vote, before it's too late.

19 June

Different Beauty

dirrefent beauty painting by Lidiqmnata for the sims 2

17 June

Wings for adults and elders

wings by lidiqnata for sims 2

15 June

Horse collection

buckslin horse recolor by lidiqnata for sims 2

13 June

Wedding collection 01

Wedding collection 01 by Lidiqnata Stuff for the Sims 2

10 June

Regency hairset

regency loose curls hairset by lidiqnata for sims 2

08 June

Table mesh with 10 frame and surface recolors!

table set by lidiqnata for sims 2

01 June

Patreon is finally live! Check it out

30 May

Chokers in red

28 May

The Armor and the man

27 May

Old files section update - two CAS screens

25 May

Hat accessory TF-EF

23 May


21 May

TF Wings

19 May

Mesh CF04

17 May

Butterflies accessory

16 May

Regency dresses for TF

15 May

Puppet master posebox

14 May

Steampunk themed CAS

13 May

Huge thanks to Samantha E Scannell for becoming a patreon.

As requiested some historical goodies for today's update.

12 May

BJD eyeset

11 May

Mirror eyeset

09 May

Vintage section updated

08 May

Recolours of OFB Goggles

08 May

Steam clothes for your gents

07 May

Steam clothes for your ladies

06 May

Steam Amy hairset

05 May

Steam hat with goggles

05 May

Aviator hairset

05 May

Steam hairset with clocks

04 May

Art Nouveau set in green

04 May

Urban Ivi dream

04 May

Mesh CF01

03 May

Amelia Hairset

02 May


01 May

Leonardo da Vinci Sketches

30 April

Sweet lips set

30 April

Soft hand-painted hair textures